Budget friendly & body friendly

Expert Advice Every Step of the Way

After discussing your order detail, you’ll be given complete details about your order & written details with price options. Select Design, your materials, Color options & detailing and determine your fit all with the help of trained sales staff.

Silkasia Design Services

What’s included?

Dedicated Sales Staff

You will be matched with your own expert design stylist who will collaborate with you to bring your vision to life. Your stylist will provide recommendations on design, materials, embellishments, and accessories based on your unique preferences and needs.

Dress Visualization

Our personalized dress sketches have long been one of the favorite parts of the design process. This is how you’ll visualize and refine your design to perfection and this is when your dress will really start to feel like it’s yours. Our sales staff will work with you on any revisions needed before your design is sent to the workshop for production.

Fabric Swatch Kit

Once you’ve completed your order requirements, our sales staff will ask you the approve fabric swatch options for your design. silkasia offers silks, tulles, colored and sparkle options; as well as a wide variety of illusion mesh colors to match any complexion. Customize dress pricing totally depending on complexity, customization, and materials used like beading, fabric, or lace. Most dresses we make are way cheaper than big names.