About Us

Who we are

Silkasia is an upscale women’s clothing boutique thats opened in October 2010. Silkasia, which reflects “cultural & traditional theme of south asian fashion lovers “, also defines the boutique and its essence of inclusion. Silkasia clothing selections and exclusive personal style services, which include a detailed Style Assessment, will ensure that our customers are well dressed. Silkasia is currently organized as a Sole Proprietorship.

Style Concierges who are trained within the image industry will be available to customers on a appointment basis. Silkasia innovative Style Assessments and educational emphasis in helping women develop their personal styles will enhance our reputation as a truly unique boutique.

Zamzama Commercial Street No.8
DHA Phase V, Karachi
0300-7070281 / 0331-2949990

Silkasia carries Designer, Wedding Wear, Party Apparel, Banarsi Silk & Embroidered Fabrics for Men & Women. Silkasia provides services such as Style Assessments, alterations, personal shopping, and special ordering to customers during store hours and by personal appointments.


With over 10 years experience in marketing and retail, We have gathered the expertise to complement and grow the business. Our advisory team holds expertise in retail accounting, retail merchandising, legal contracts, fashion and design.