1. My Shipment has various outfits. Will I get all the dresses at the same time?

Every category of dress has a different turnout. However, we ensure that the delivery is done on time. The turnout times for individual categories are listed below:

Special Occasions and Bridal: 25 to 30 days
Evening and Party Wear: 12-15 days
Casual Wear: 12-15 days
Kurtis and tops: 2-5 days
In addition, allow for a time of 3-5 days for delivery at any place.

2. Can I change my order, once I have placed it?

It depends upon the kind of changes that you want. If there are few changes that you need to make after you have placed the order, then you need to email us and we will get in touch with you. However, it is important that changes are told within 24 hours of the placement of the order.

3.Can I cancel my order?

It is only possible to cancel the order within 48 hours of placement. However, once the work process has started and the fabric has been cut, there will be no acceptance of order cancellations. This is because the clothes are made keeping your specific requirements in mind, and customized for you. Only Ready to wear items needs to be cancelled within 24 Hours after order confirnation.

4. Can I make changes such as adding sleeves to an outfit?

You are able to add changes to a specific outfit such as the addition of sleeves, trouser, neckline and hem so that you can have your customized outfit. You should notify us of the changes through an email, whereupon our designers will work upon making the changes to your outfit. We will also give you expert recommendations and opinions about the changes that you want; whether the changes will look good and whether the alterations will be cost-effective. You should fill the additional comments box along with the custom needs that are approved when you are placing your order.

5. What is the procedure for paying the additional money for a customized order?

You simply pay in the same way that you pay for the actual order.

6. Can I suggest my size if I do not know my measurements?

You can tell us the size that you wear and we can make the outfit according to the ready-to-wear sizes. Or you can also check our size guide to know your size group. 

7. Once I have placed the order, what will be done?

After the placement of the order, the design team will check the order size specifications along with your measurements. We will double check your measurements after a short while and then the order will sent for processing after confirming additional details with you.

8. Will I get a discount if I place a huge order?

If there is a huge order placed, you can email us the style code numbers and we will check upon and get back to you if any discounts can be made available.

9. Can I buy in wholesale? If you do, where can I get a quotation for a bulk order?

You need to notify us about the item names along with the required quantity and the relevant sizes and we will be able to give you a wholesale quotation. You will get a bulk price if you place an order of equal to 10 more or than 10 pieces in each design.

10. Is it possible to get your embroidery and stitching expertise and design clothes myself?

It is possible for you to do so. Once you have sent your order specifications, we will tell you about the price that will be charged for your specific order. You can send us sketches along with embroidery description and the rest of the work can be done by us. If you want any particular fabric added to your order, you are able to do so. Rest assured that your designs will not be used by the firm in any way. They will not be advertised. In fact, we are also able to provide you with a fashion photography service which will help you to promote your designs. We encourage the birth of new designers.